R.I.P Steven 'Bingo' Binks

Still don't want to believe it, doesn't feel real, a very good friend of 20 years.
I'm sat here trying to just think about all the fun skate trips we have had around the country, local car park sessions on an evening since the first day we met all those years ago to now, and all the good times outside of skating too, all our birthdays, beating me at pool down the pub, buying me lunches while I was a skint student, letting me sleep in the upstairs of the shop when to hung over to face college too, instead of letting this sink in. As I don't want to think about the very sobering fact we have really lost him just yet.
Bingo was always there supporting the scene, even before he opened the doors of Mischief skate store, a true SOS, respected in the UK and a lot further afield because of his integrity, hard work and love of skateboarding. He loved skateboarding with as much passion as anyone I have ever met and got things done, from helping parks get built, to putting his hand in his pocket to do jams and help out skaters.
I could write a book about what he has done for the skate scene here and how much better he made it, but hopefully you all know that side of him already.
I could also write another book about how much he has done for me over the years, as a genuine person, more than willing to help anyone out if he could, the true friend he was will be remembered forever for. The UK skate scene it a sadder place for losing Bingo, a true member in the ranks of our community, sorry I don't have the right words to express the loss of such a good person, skater and friend.

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