These days...

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Send me an Ark and I rebuild you civilisation. Send me art and I will
restore to you humanity, as we joked late in to the night. I went to far as usual but only to the point of tears rolling down your cheeks with laughter.

Playing the Dudley Moore to my Peter Cook... as I say I thought myself more a Peter Sellers type! A tortured comedy genius soul with the powers to pull Britt Ekland.
Candid and honest in our after thoughts as the laugher goes to silence. Just so we can breathe again. You think these moments are just a clever ruse for my next set up, one liner.
"I'll keep setting them up, and you keep hitting them out of the park, why don't you!?"... you'd joke.
Till it is time to sleep, dream and wonder. You say I am far to unshaven and hairy to be this ill and it is easy to sometimes forget...

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